The hostels are under the direct control of the Principal, who is the Warden. The Warden will be assisted by Co-Wardens, Dy.Wardens, Residential Tutors, Hostel Superintendent and Hostel Staff.


       The hostel and mess committee is constituted with the Warden as President, the Dy. Warden and the Student Representatives from hostels. The committee frames the rules and regulations from time to time for the effective administration of the hostels. Residents are required to adhere to the rules and regulations. Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse. Violation of rules and regulations will be viewed seriously.


       Application for admission to the hostel can be obtained from the office. A passport size photograph must be affixed in the application form. The student seeking hostel admission must give an undertaking in writing that he will abide the rules and regulations of the hostel. This should be endorsed by the parent / guardian in writing.

          Membership ceases automatically at the end of each academic year. Students who are desirous of returning to the hostel have to submit a fresh application for re-admission. 

       The warden reserves the right to refuse admission to the hostel to any student without assigning any reasons or to expel any member in the interest of administration. The decision of the warden will be final.


       The students should stay only in the room allotted to them by the Deputy Warden / Tutors. They should not interchange their rooms without the knowledge of the Deputy Warden / Tutors. The furniture also should not be interchanged. The inmates should always keep the room, bath and toilets neat and tidy. They should throw the waste only in dust bins. Students should not have additional facilities on their own in the room, as this may cause inconvenience to other room mates.

1.    Ragging in any form is prohibited and those who violate will be expelled from the institution and action (as per government rules) will be initiated. On April first, fooling of any sort is not permitted in the hostel / College. Any violation will be seriously dealt with.

2.    Any form of gambling is strictly prohibited in the hostel premises.

3.    Smoking, drinking, playing cards, playing audio & video, discussing politics and religion, writing or marking on the walls or pasting posters etc., are prohibited in the hostel premises. Religious gatherings, prayer meetings, bajans etc., can be held in the hostel campus only with the permission of the warden.

4.    Students who are (i) guilty of rude language towards the staff of the hostel (ii) assault or attempt to assault the staff or fellow students of the institution or hostel will be expelled from the institution.

5.    No students should stay in the Hostel during the college working hours without the permission of the Warden / Deputy Warden.

6.    Dayscholar students are not permitted to enter the hostel. No member is permitted to entertain any students of other institutions. The penalty for disobeying this rule will be very severe.

7.    The study hour is from 8.30 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Attendance will be taken at any time during the study hours. The students should not come out of their rooms during the study hours. Discussion during the study hours is not permitted. They should make full use of the study hours properly. Students should not lock the rooms during the study hours or before 10.00 p.m.

8.    Students are not allowed to  roam about during the study hours. Members should not go to other inmates rooms unnecessarily.

9.    No Students / Visitors / Guests will be permitted to enter the college Hostel after 7.00 p.m.

10.   Students are permitted to watch TV Programmes from 7.00 p.m. to 8.30 p.m. on working days and 6.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. on holidays.    

11.   Students are not permitted to play outdoor games inside the hostel premises.

12.   Students should lock their rooms with their own locks and switch off the lights and fans before they leave. Otherwise the inmates are liable for heavy fine. They should see that the windows and doors are locked to avoid possible thefts.

13.   Students should follow the mess timings as per the schedule put up it the Notice Board from time to time. Students should bring their own plates, tumblers, etc.,

14.   Students are permitted to go home during the  holidays  after registering their names in the register kept in the mess.

15.   Under no circumstances the students should carry mess utensils or food stuffs outside the dining hall.

16.   Guests are allowed to dine in the mess in production of paid token.

17.   The hostel deposit paid at the time of admission to the hostel will be refunded only after the completion of the course (or) vacating the hostel permanently.

18.   The hostel deposit will not be adjusted against mess due, tuition fee or any other due.

19.   Room rent once paid will not be refunded.

20.   If there is any damage to the property in the verandah, the inmates in that wing of the hostel will be charged twice the cost for the damage in addition to the penalty.

21.   Cleanliness in the mess and in the hostel area has to be maintained. Wastage of food should be totally avoided. The student should not enter the kitchen. However complains if any, can be reported to the Deputy Warden / Tutor. Food will not be served in the rooms without the prior permission of the warden / Dy. Warden.

22.   Request, petition, appeals, complaints of any kind have to be made to the Warden / Dy.Warden.

23.   All the inmates of the ladies hostel should be inside the hostel before 6.00 p.m. on any account.

24.   Three Visitor Cards are provided for ladies hostel inmates and the visitors are permitted only on production of the visitors card, before 6.00 p.m.

25.   No male student should enter the ladies hostel and no female should enter the Gents Hostel.

26.   Each student (Boys & Old ladies Hostel ) shall pay an amount of Rs.4,000/- in advance towards room rent.

27.   Each student joining the hostel for the first time has to pay an amount of Rs.3.000/- as advance towards caution deposit in addition to admission fee of Rs.100/-.

28.   Students who are desirous of joining the hostel, after discontinuation, have to pay a caution deposit of Rs.3,000/- again.

29.   Each male student shall pay in advance an amount of Rs.16,000/- and a girl student Rs.14,000/- towards mess charge for the whole academic year.

30.   If anybody discontinues from the hostel in the middle of the course his / her deposit and mess charge will not be refunded.

31.   Each final year male student of MCA, MBA, & M.E., shall pay an amount of Rs.9,600/- (Rs.8,400/- for girl) in advance towards mess fees and Rs.2,400/- towards room rent. MCA, MBA, & M.E., students who have paid the above amount are allowed to stay in the hostel during their project work.

32.   The room shall be allotted on first come first served basis only on production of the receipt mentioned above.

33.   Dividing system is followed. Any deficit towards mess charges has to be paid by the individual student. Excess if any in this account will be carried over.

34.   Payment made towards mess charges, excess if any,  will not be refunded on any account, except after the completion of the course.

35.   Reduction is not allowed to any student irrespective of the number of days.

36.   For staff members dining in the hostel, the mess bill will be deducted from their salary. No reductions are allowed.

37.   Any due of the previous year has to be cleared before allotment of rooms for the current year.

38.   Students are directed to pay the lodging and boarding charges in advance before the reopening date in order to avoid rush on the reopening date.

39.   For the first year student, 20% of the lodging and mess charges will be deducted if there is any genuine reasons he / she leaves the institution within 2 months after joining and the remaining amount will be paid to the individual.

40.   The amount of mess bill will be intimated to the student by displaying on the notice boards.

41.   Other state students have to stay in the hostel compulsorily. Staying outside is not allowed.

42.   If students leave the hostel without permission, the hostel authorities are not responsible for it. Heavy penalty will be imposed on them. If they repeat such mistakes, they will be terminated from the hostel.

43.   The students are advised to keep money, jewel or any other costly things safe in their rooms. The hostel authorities are not responsible for any losses.

44.   If a student is suspended from the college by the Principal, as a disciplinary action, he will be automatically suspended from the hostel also. Readmission to the hostel is left to the discretion of the warden.

45.   Students should use the phone in the hostel for minimum time (not more than 3 minutes)  since it is utilized by all students. Students should instruct their parents to call them only on holidays other than emergency calls.

46.   Inmates of the hostel are not allowed to make any complaint to anybody or address any authority in a collective petition. Individual petition addressed to the warden only will be looked into.

47.   No member shall absent himself from the hostel without obtaining permission of the Deputy warden. If a member finds it necessary to leave the hostel in an emergency he shall report the reason for his absence in writing to the Deputy Warden.

48.   Apart from the above rules, other rules framed by the hostel authorities from time to time should also be followed strictly.

49.   Regarding the interpretation of the hostel rules and regulations, decision of the warden will be final.


       Whenever a student wishes to leave the hostel, he has to submit an application to the Warden through the Dy. Warden. Only after getting the approval, the student can leave the hostel. While leaving the hostel the student has to hand over the furniture and electrical  fittings to get a clearance certificate from the Dy.Warden. At the time of leaving the student has to sign the mess leaving register. The student has to pay the establishment and power charges for that mess month even if the student has taken food for a part of the mess month.


            The hostel mess rate is calculated on dividing basis. The mess month commences from the first day of the calendar month

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