1.  Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and action will be taken against students who indulge in this despicable form of activities according to Tamil Nadu Prohibition Act No. 7 of 1997,

       Section 4 : whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates, penalty for "ragging"  within or without any educational institution, shall be punished with ragging imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be  liable to a fine which may extend to ten thousand rupees.

       Section 5:   Any student convicted of an offence under section 4 shall also be dismissed from the educational institution and such students shall not be admitted in any other educational institution.    

2.    Students are forbidden to smoke in the educational premises, to write or make any marks on the walls or desks, to throw papers or ink on the floor of the class rooms. Those who violate these rules are liable to be punished.

3.    Students are not allowed to stand or walk along the verandas of the college during the class hours.

4.    Strict silence should be observed inside the class rooms.

5.    No student is allowed to enter or leave the class room without the permission of the  lecturer concerned.

6.    Students attending the classes, meetings of College or other functions should be neatly dressed with ID cards and shoes. Wearing Jeans and T - shirt are not allowed.

7.    Students should wear uniform and shoes in the laboratory sessions, wherever it is necessary.

8.    Requests, petitions, appeals and complaints of any kind have to be made in the first place to the class Advisor or the Head of the Department concerned and not directly to the higher authorities.

9.    If any damage is caused to any of the Institution property by any student / group of students, the cost of the same will be recovered with fine from the particular student / group of students.

10.   No student who has been convicted of any offence in a court of a law will be allowed to continue his / her studies in the College.

11.   Students should abstain from active participation in party or communal politics. Students who indulge in political propaganda or who organize fellow students in political functions in the premises of the College or Hostel or who engage themselves in party, politics., are liable to be expelled from the College and Hostel.

12.   Principal / Hostel authorities have power to frame and issue,  from time to time the disciplinary rules of a permanent or temporary character regulating the conduct inside and outside the college or hostel premises.

13.   Principal / Hostel authorities have full power to inflict the following punishments in the interests of the students of the Institution, suspend or expel student for violation of disciplinary regulations and code of good behaviour.

14.   Students should not indulge in any activity leading to the disruption of peace and discipline and dislocation of normal work in the college and hostel premises. Those who are guilty of violation of this rule will be severely dealt with.

15.   Students are not allowed to organize or attend any meeting in the Institution / Hostel without getting the permission of the Principal.

16.   Students who are guilty of (i) rude language towards the staff of the College or Hostel (ii) assault or attempt to assault the staff or fellow students of the college or hostel will be expelled from the institution.

17.   Prescribed uniform should be worn by all students for workshop / Laboratory.

18.   Girls and boys moving together and talking outside the class rooms and laboratories are totally prohibited inside the campus. Any discussion regarding the subject can be had only inside the class rooms and laboratories and not in other places of the College.

19.   Cellular Phones are not permitted inside the campus and cellular phones will be ceased from those who are violating this rule.

20.   Rules and regulations for attendance, Progress and Discipline for the Students:-

  • Students should not be absent for the classes without prior permission from the authority. Students should apply leave in advance for availing leave. Those who are absent for the class should meet the class advisor / HoD / Principal. Only after the counseling he / she will be permitted to attend the classes.
  • Leave intimation through phone / fax shall be confirmed by a follow up letter signed by the parent and the student.
  • Leave letter should be signed by the parents for day scholars and hostel warden for hostellers.
  • A proper medical certificate has to be attached along with the leave letter for sick-leave.
  • Class Timings is from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • Tests will be conducted as per schedule and everyone must attend compulsorily.
  • The entire syllabus will be covered as per lesson plan. On completion of syllabus, every alternate days the students will have to undergo model examinations.
  • Students who have not paid the tuition fee, hostel fee on or  before the reopening day will not be permitted to attend the classes from the date of reopening.
  • All possible Part - A questions with answers will be prepared for each unit in advance and distributed to the students (at least 30 question in each unit) at the beginning of the semester.
  • All possible Part - B / Part - C questions for each unit will be prepared in advance and distributed to the students.
  • All the students should fill the question papers and the corrected answer papers of all tests in a separate file for each subject. The file for each subject should be submitted to the  staff  concerned for verification at the end of each semester.
  • Suggestion Box will be in front of the HoDs room and Principals room. Students are advised to make use of this facility.


            Second and Fourth Saturdays of every month will be holidays. Sundays and Government holidays, the college will remain closed for both students and staff. All other days are working except on any special occasion and Government holidays, the college will remain closed for both students and staff. All other days are working except on any special occasion.

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