Food Safety Awareness Club

The main objective of food safety club is to help people understand how their behaviour and activities contribute to thsafety of food. Our visionary view on the food safety club is to increase awareness about food safety in industries and institutions to encourage people to have healthy and nutritious food.

  • To keep this promise, we joined together for promoting food safety through our future missions
  • To create health and wellness team in schools, colleges, industries and nearby public areas to jointly create an environment for safety, good nutrient and health.
  • To guide industries to comply based on the regulatory framework as per FSSAI.
  • To take initiatives to ensure basic food safety and hygiene in public function, kitchens and eating places in our campus
  • To encourage industries with some food safety measures by providing certifications
  • To motivate students and fellow beings to eat healthy and nutritious food
  • To contribute to maintenance of hygiene and food in and around the premises of our educational institution by guiding students.
  • To maintain our records of food safety related actions on monthly basis.
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