Grades and Reports

  • Credit assignment:  Each course is normally assigned a certain number of credits (Ci) with 1 credit per lecture hour per week, 1 credit for one or two tutorials per week, 1 credit for 2 hours of practical (2 credits for 3 or 4 hours of practical/drawing practices). Project Work can be treated on par with practical course for assigning credits. Project Work – Phase I can be of 4 hrs per week with 2 credits and Project work – Phase II can be of 20 hrs per week with 10 credits.
    • The letter grade and the grade point are awarded based on percentage of marks secured by a candidate in individual course as detailed below:

      Range of Percentage of Total Marks Letter grade Grade Point (g)
      91 to 100 S 10
      81 to 90 A 9
      71 to 80 B 8
      61 to 70 C 7
      56 to 60 D 6
      50 to 55 E 5
      0 to 49 or less than 50% in End Semester Examination RA 0
      Absent AB 0
      Incomplete I 0
      Withdrawal W 0
  • “RA“ denotes failure in the course and he/she has to reappear for the End Semester Examination.
  • AB” denotes absent for the End Semester Examination and he/she has to reappear for the End Semester Examination.
  • "I"   denotes incomplete as per Clause 6 and hence prevented from writing End semester examination.
  • "W" denotes withdrawal from the End semester examination as per clause 10.
  • After the completion of the programme, the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) from the first Semester to final Semester is calculated using the formula:

                        gi :  Grade point secured corresponding to the course
                        Ci :  Credits allotted to the course
  • A candidate will be permitted to appear for the end semester examination of a semester only if he/she has completed the study of that semester (vide Clause6). A candidate will not be allowed to register for any end semester examination unless he/she simultaneously registers for the examinations of the highest semester eligible and all the courses which he/she be in arrears of. In the case of examination in project work, no candidate will be permitted to appear at the project work examination unless he/she had submitted the project report on or before the prescribed date.
  • A candidate who is absent in End semester examination in a course / project work after having registered for the same shall be considered to have appeared and failed in that course/project work and award grade AB.
  • If a candidate fails to submit the report on project work on or before the date specified by the college / department, he/she is deemed to have failed in the project work and awarded grade AB.
  • The assessment will comprise of continuous assessment and End semester examination carrying marks as specified by clause 8.
  • Continuous assessment marks will be awarded on the basis of continuous assessment made during the semester as per guidelines framed by the college.
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