Language Lab

Language - a medium of thought and communication. Globalization and the IT boom have increased the importance of English Communication. Today, the ability to communicate effectively counts more for an employment. The Anna University has included Communication Skills as a part of the curriculum. In K S R College of Technology, a language lab is setup with the aim of offering effective training in improving the communication skills of the students. The Lab is used for conducting courses and programmes exclusively designed not only for the toppers but also for the average students. The lab has 62 Pentium IV workstations plus one server for the teacher. The lab functions on the concept of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and offers opportunity to learn English as well as other foreign languages such as German, French, Japanese, etc. to enable the students to get placed nationally and globally. The students are also given training for TOEFL / GRE / IELTS etc. This lab is very helpful in language teaching as well as developing interactive and group communication skills in an effective manner. The students are given training in communication, confidence-building, career development, CV writing and self awareness

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