Major / Minor Projects

S.No Funding Agency Title of the Project Amount (in Rs.) Ongoing / Completed
1 IEEMA Project Design of Three Phase UPS System for a Solar Powered Water Pump 12,500 Ongoing
2 IEEMA Project Control of Monitoring the Performance of Single Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Using WAW 12,500 Ongoing
3 AICTE-CAYT Design and Development of Solar PV Based Induction Motor Drive Fed through Multilevel Inverter 1,42,000 Ongoing
4 AICTE-CAYT Investigation of Micro and Nano Filled Silicone Rubber for Extra High Voltage Outdoor Insulation Applications 1,50,000 Ongoing
5 TNSCST Real Time Monitoring of Voltage and Current in Electrical Drives Using LABVIEW 10,000 Ongoing
6 AICTE MODROB Strengthing of Excisting Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory with Emphasis on Embedded Control Based Special Electrical Drives and Research Facilities 10,70,000 Ongoing
7 IEEMA Project Design and Implementation of Protection Circuit for Multiple Voltage Sag in Home UPS System 12,500 Completed
8 IEEMA Project Design and Fabrication of Wind Renewable energy System With LABVIEW Based Real Time Monitoring System 10,000 Completed
9 AICTE MODROB Strengthing of Excisting Microprocessor Laboratory with Emphasis on Microcontroller and Embedded System Facility 8,00,000 Completed


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