Major / Minor Projects

S.No Funding Agency Title of the Project Amount (in Rs.) Ongoing / Completed
1 IEEMA Project Design of Three Phase UPS System for a Solar Powered Water Pump 12,500 Completed
2 IEEMA Project Control of Monitoring the Performance of Single Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Using WAW 12,500 Completed
3 AICTE-CAYT Design and Development of Solar PV Based Induction Motor Drive Fed through Multilevel Inverter 1,42,000 Completed
4 AICTE-CAYT Investigation of Micro and Nano Filled Silicone Rubber for Extra High Voltage Outdoor Insulation Applications 1,50,000 Completed
5 TNSCST Real Time Monitoring of Voltage and Current in Electrical Drives Using LABVIEW 10,000 Completed
6 AICTE MODROB Strengthing of Excisting Power Electronics and Drives Laboratory with Emphasis on Embedded Control Based Special Electrical Drives and Research Facilities 10,70,000 Completed
7 IEEMA Project Design and Implementation of Protection Circuit for Multiple Voltage Sag in Home UPS System 12,500 Completed
8 IEEMA Project Design and Fabrication of Wind Renewable energy System With LABVIEW Based Real Time Monitoring System 10,000 Completed
9 AICTE MODROB Strengthing of Excisting Microprocessor Laboratory with Emphasis on Microcontroller and Embedded System Facility 8,00,000 Completed
10 TNSCST Performance Enhancement of Solar Panel using Fernsel Lens and Cooling System with Mineral Oil 10,000 Completed


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