Funded Proposals

S.No Sponsoring Authority Name of the Proposal Title Duration Letter No. & Date
AICTE Faculty Development Programme Success Mantra to promote higher education in digital era: teach to learn and learn to teach 8th to 21st July 2019 34-55/255/RIFD/FDP/ Policy-1(2017-18) dated 09.01.2019
AICTE Faculty Development Programme Economic Development through Digital Transformation 11th to 24th September 2017 6-141/RIFD/FDP/ Policy-1/2016-17 dated 25.07.2017
AICTE Faculty Development Programme Experiential teaching methods for imparting entrepreneurship among the students 27th April to 10th May 2015 32/RIFD//FDP/P(1)/2014-15 dated 18.11.2014
AICTE One Day National Seminar Social Media Marketing 25th October 2013 7-28/RIFD/POL-1/2013-14 dated 17.09.2013
AICTE Faculty Development Programme Application of Games and Case method of teaching management education 13th  to 26th May 2013 1-7/AICTE//RIFD/FDP/ Pvt (3)-41/2012-13 dated 20.02.2013
Anna University of Technology Coimbatore Faculty Development Programme Managerial Economics 4th to 10th July 2011 Letter dated 13.06.2011
AICTE Staff Development Programme Intellectual Property Rights 17th to 30th June 2009 1-78/RIFD/SDP(222)/
2008-09 dated 28.04.2009


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