K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Accredited by NAAC & Courses Accredited by NBA with Tier-I Category DST – FIST

& DBT STAR Sponsored College, Included under Section 2(f) & 2(b) by UGC

Research (B.E.CSE)


List of Faculty Members  Recognized as Research (Ph.D.) Supervisors
Name of the Staff
A.U. Chennai Supervisor Recognition Lr. No. & Date
Dr. Geetha B.G
Lr.No.SUPR/26th / DB  & 27.10.2015
Dr. Mohanraj E
Lr.No.SUPR/27th /DB  & 31.03.2016
Dr. Sakthivel K
Lr.No.SUPR/27th /DB  & 14.10.2016
Research Grants Received during last five years
Title of the Proposal / Project
Investigators/ Dept.
Grants Received (Rs.)
Sanctioned Details (File. No.)
Development of simplewith rapid protocol for identification of lichensobtained from Western Ghats using ImageProcessingTechniques in cloud Computing
Dr.B.G.Geetha29,71,000CompletedDST- SERB FILE NO.EMR/2014/000711
2.DST- SERBDevelopment of user friendly Android Mobile App on identification of Lichens through visual recognition and digitizing methodsPI: Dr.P.Ponmurugan


Dr. G. Padmasine,

Dr. B.G. Geetha

Dr. G. Ayyappadasan, Dr. P. Kanmani


Research Scholar details

Ph.D. Scholars guided by Dr.B.G.Geetha

Sl.No.Reg.No.Name of the Scholar 



Title of the ThesisStatus
1.71060621021A.Nirmal KumarAnna University, ChennaiImproved Software Quality by Effective Design of Testcases with Unit Testing Approach 


Completed on 21.12.2015

2.71030922011S.ThilagavathiAnna University, ChennaiCertain Improvements in optimization Algorithm to improve Energy Efficiency in Wireless Sensor NetworkCompleted to 12.01.2016
3.71010922006G.KalaimaniAnna University, ChennaiMonitoring of Mobile Computing Environment using Efficient Location Monitoring Techniques with Spatial Query ProcessingCompleted on 02.12.2016
4.10970621021R.GopinathAnna University, ChennaiSharing and Retrieval of Multimedia Data form Secured Storage for E-Learning Cloud Based ServicesCompleted on 10.03.2017
5.71030622016V.KavithaAnna University, ChennaiEnergy Efficient Secure Routing Communication in Wireless Sensor NetworkCompleted on


6.71060631004P.ArulrajAnna University, ChennaiError Concealment for shape in object based video codingCompleted on


7.11160632005K.ChandraprabhaAnna University, ChennaiResistance and Prevention of DDOS attacks using fair scheduling among multiple flowsCompleted on


8.71160632040G.PuspalathaAnna University, ChennaiDistributed cooperative localization of wireless sensor networks with convex hull constraintPursuing
9.71160632076P.VijayalakshmiAnna University, ChennaiTo Politically Adaptive Authorized Routing and Data Rendering QoScheme for Wireless Sensor NetworkCompleted on 19.1.2018
10.11260631063P.SenthilrajaAnna University, ChennaiDetection of Fuel theft in Heavy VehicleCompleted on 24.1.2020
11.11230632057M.KavithaAnna University, ChennaiMining Top – utilityitem set with influence on cross selling attributes form transactional databaseCompleted on 10.12.2019
12.11260631062R.SenthilkumarAnna University, ChennaiA protocol Based Data Storage Security in Batch audit cloudCompleted on 03.06.2020
13.11230631012S.GokulrajAnna University, ChennaiOptimal Service pricing for a cloud EnvironmentCompleted on 30.1.2020
14.19124697229K.PrakashAnna University, ChennaiAn efficient machine learning algorithm to detect plant diseases using image processing techniquesRegistered on


Ph.D. Scholars guided by Dr.K.Sakthivel
Sl.No.Reg.No.Name of the Scholar 



Title of the ThesisStatus
1.17133697197Bharathi VAnna University, ChennaiCompleted
2.17144691104Gopinath  SAnna University, ChennaiA Novel Methods of Detection and Classification of Plant Diseases Using Image Processing In Big DataCompleted
3.17244697171Sudha KAnna University, ChennaiCompleted
.417244697231Abirami GAnna University, Chennai
5.19244697113Pugazharasi KAnna University, ChennaiCourse Work
6.19254697292Menaka AAnna University, ChennaiCourse Work
Ph.D. Scholars guided by Dr.E.Mohan Raj
Sl.No.Reg.No.Name of the Scholar 



Title of the ThesisStatus
1.17144691376Nagaraj SAnna University, ChennaiA Novel fuzzy association rule with ontology concept for efficient mining in ubiquitous real-time data applicationsThesis submitted
2.17134691221Suresh SAnna University, Chennai
3.17234697513Indumathi MAnna University, ChennaiConfirmation completed
4.17244697507Vimalananthi SAnna University, ChennaiConfirmation completed
5.18144691162Nagendran KAnna University, ChennaiConfirmation completed
6.18244691374Mekala RAnna University, ChennaiConfirmation completed
7.18244697109Poornima RAnna University, ChennaiConfirmation completed

The details of patents filed at international and national level by faculty and research scholars are furnished in the table below.

S.NoName of the Inventor(s)TitleApplication No. & Patent filed dateInternational / NationalCurrent status

Dr.P.Suresh Kumar

Dr.A.Rajiv Kannan





Novel  Switching Agent For ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network Using LAR202041007785A




Details of Patents Granted and Filed

NoName of the Patent owner (s) / Inventor (s)TitleDate of FilingDate of PublishPatent No (or) Application No.Status Granted / Published
1.Dr.K.SakthivelNovel  Switching Agent For ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network Using LAR24.02.202006.03.2020202041007785APublished

Startup and consultancy work done by CSE department faculty members

Startup company named “DatumAlys” started by our CSE department faculty members S.Raj Kumar and N.Giridharan at K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology campus,Tiruchengode-637215,Namakkal.


Project NameDescriptionClientFacultyYearBudgetStatus
Fabric InventoryWeb based software to manage goods as they come in and go out of your inventory. Inventory tracking consists of the systems and policies designed to manage the movement of inventory.Pearl Global Industries, ChennaiGiridharan N

Senthilraja P

Thiyagarajan D

Length & GirthDesktop application to assess the garments quality by capturing many of the standard points of measure and also some detailed profiles of garments to identify the variation in the measurements for garments both within particular manufacturing runs and between different runsPearl Global Industries, ChennaiGiridharan N

Rajkumar S

Kanagaraju P

Document Management SystemThe Scope of the project is to create a LAN based centralized storage unit which shall provide storage space enabling easy organization and close collaboration with the files in the storage. This allows the sharing of files with colleagues and permissions can be set for each user from read-only to complete access to editing documents.Deuglo Infosystems Private Limited, BangaloreGiridharan N

Rajkumar S

Kanagaraju P



Name of the SoftwarePurpose
CTCMSAcademic Management system, Library Management system

Faculty Management system, Faculty Evaluation system

Moodle•A Learning Management System (LMS), is most effectively used in this digital era to teach and offer online and blended courses to the teacher and the taught.

•MOODLE which has been accessed, hither to, either through intranet or internet, is made available in the form of a Mobile Apps

Programming Skill Development


•A web IDE that gives more efficient and effective programming skills and improvising the logical thinking ability for students.

•Students can practice and improve their thinking ability and programming skills.

•It is the combo of different programming languages such as C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, SQL etc.

•It has a hierarchy of three levels of testing such as low, medium and high

Question Paper Automation System•Generates and develops the well formatted question Paper in a matter of few seconds.

•Question category can be knowledge-based, Memory-based, Logic-based, or application-based.


Name of the FacultyDesignationVenuePurpose of Visit

Name of the Conference

Date  of Conference
Dr.B.G.GeethaProfessor & HeadCAASR Publishers held at Kuala Lumpur , MalaysiaJury at International Conference on Advanced Theoretical computer Applications (ICATCA’16)5.05.16



Books Published by Director/CSE:

  1. ‘Computer Science – A Structured Programming Approach Using C’,Behrouz A. Forouzan- De Anza College, Richard F. Gilberg – De Anza College, M.S., National University G. Geetha – K.S.R. College of Technology, TiruchengodeG. Singaravel – K.S.R. College of Engineering, Tiruchengode ISBN-13: 9788131516034 780 Pages, Imprint :Course Technology ©2012,Cengage Learning.[Text book for Anna University of Technology, Coimbatore – common syllabus for all branches of Engineering and Technology].2012
  2. Introduction to Software Testing’, N SatheeshKumar,SSubashni DELL Services ,G. Geetha- K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology, TiruchengodeG. Singaravel – K.S.R. College of Engineering, Tiruchengode.ISBN: 81-903041-0-0,Umayam Publication, 2013
  3. Software Engineering 1/eChandramouli Subramanian, Senior Delivery Manager, MEPZ, Chennai.SaikatDutt,Associate Director, CTS, Kolkatta. Dr.B.G.Geetha,Professor/CSE,KSRCT. Pearson Education Chennai ISBN:978-9332537293. 2015