K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Accredited by NAAC & Courses Accredited by NBA with Tier-I Category DST – FIST

& DBT STAR Sponsored College, Included under Section 2(f) & 2(b) by UGC

Research (B.E.ECE)

List of Faculty Members Recognized as Research (Ph.D.) Supervisors

S.NoName of the StaffA.U. Chennai Supervisor Recognition Lr. No. & Date
1.Dr. Jayanthi K.BLr.No.SUPR/22nd RB / DB  & 21.11.2013
2.Dr. Kumar PLr.No Crfr/Newsup/2015 & 03.06.2015
3.Dr. Babu PLr.No.SUPR/27th / DB  & 14.10.2016
4.Dr. Rajasekaran CLr.No.SUPR/27th / DB  & 13.03.2017
Research Grants Received during last five years
S.NoAgencyTitle of the Proposal / ProjectInvestigators/ Dept.Grants Received (Rs.)StatusSanctioned Details (File. No.)
1.UGC-MRPAutomated Karyotyping Process for detecting numerical aberration in G – Band Chromosome ImagesDr.K.B.Jayanthi5,63,000CompletedF.No.43-294/2014/ (SR)
2.DBTDevelopment of computational tool for early detection of Cardiovascular diseases through analysis of data from otherwise healthy individualsDr.K.B.Jayanthi, Dr.C.Rajasekaran, Dr. Nirmala Madian26,30,000CompletedRef.No. BT/PR16298/ BID/ 7/ 581/2016
3.AICTE RPSSmart Monitoring of Turmeric Crop: A Cyber Physical System Architecture in the field of Precision AgricultureDr.K.B.Jayanthi, Dr.C.Rajasekaran9,41,000OngoingF.NO 8-21/RFID/RPS/Policy-1/2017-2018

Details of Patents Granted and Filed The details of patents filed at international and national level by faculty and research scholars are furnished in the table below.

S.NoName of the Inventor(s)TitleApplication No. & Patent filed dateInternational / NationalCurrent status
1.K.Raguvaran, C.Rajasekaran, K.B.Jayanthi, N.V.Navin sankarReconfigurable and NBSP; IOT node device201841021900A &15.06.2018NationalPublished –

Official Journal

of the Patent Office


Issue No. 24/2018





S. Sudha

K. Raguvaran


Development of computational tool for early detection of cardiovascular diseases through analysis of data from otherwise healthy individuals202041019512/


& 08.05.2020

NationalPatent Applied



Sl.NoName of the Applicant(s)/

Assignee Name

Name of the Inventor (s)TitleApplication No.& Patent filed dateCurrent status

Dr.C.Rajasekaran Ms. S. Sudha

Mr. K. Raguvaran



Ms. S. Sudha

Mr. K. Raguvaran

Development of Computational Tool for Early Detection of Cardiovascular Diseases through Analysis of Data from Otherwise Healthy Individuals202041019512/

TEMP/E1/21324/2020CHE, 08.05.2020



Patent Published