K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Accredited by NAAC & Courses Accredited by NBA with Tier-I Category DST – FIST

& DBT STAR Sponsored College, Included under Section 2(f) & 2(b) by UGC

Student Achievements

Student Achievements

S.NoName of the


DateName of the EventTitlePrize/Achievement

Prizes Won (2022-23)

1.Mukesh Kanna K 





International Level Yesist12,IEEE,

US Chapter



In Touch Power Generation Tiles



Winner with cash prize of Rs.80,000.-

2.Saran P
3.Mohammed Halith S
4.Veeraragavan M
5.Mukesh Kanna K10.11.2022IEEE yesist12


Maker Fair Track,

Bangalore Section

Floor Step Energy GenerationWinner with cash prize of Rs.40,000
6.Saran P
7.Mohammed Halith S
8.Veeraragavan M
9.Mukesh Kanna K 


03.02.2023 &



Innovation Entrepreneurship and Venture Development



State Level Ideathon Innovera23



Winner with cash prize of Rs.30,000.


10.Saran P
11.Mohammed Halith S
12.Veeraragavan M
13.Ashwin Subash C28.09.2022 & 29.09.2022Karting ChampionshipNational Level Karting Championship Rush Hour 2K22Best Design Award with cash prize of Rs.5,000.
14.Arjun K
15.Naveen Kumar N
16.Mohammed Farooq V R
17.Niketh S
18.Naveen Kumar C
19.Chandru V M
20.Mohammed Anas
21.Maria Mervin M
22.Nandhikesh C S
23.Mohammed Halith S








In Touch Power Generation Tiles, ATAL Innovation Mission, Coimbatore



Selected for finals

24.Mukesh Kanna K
25.Veeraragavan M
26.Saran P
Other Events
27.Shyaamnath S




Solo Singing


III prize
28.Jacob Salamon P14.10.2022Group DanceII Prize
29.Jacob Salamon P10.02.2023Group DanceI Prize


1.Siva Sankar A


05.05.2022Make a CircuitEdisom 2022I Prize
2.Mukesh Kanna K




09.04.2022 –




Science Exhibition

Radical 2022




Automatic Wire Cutting And Striping Machine



II Prize with Cash of  Rs  5,000.

3.Veeraragavan M
4.Saran P
5.Vaidheeswaran V
6.Parthiban T  31.05.2022QuizNational Technical Symposium Electrico-2K22I Prize
7.Logesh R22.04.2022Paper PresentationNational Level Technical Symposium

Efnots 22”

I Prize


05.05.2022Make a CircuitEdisom 2022I Prize
9.Balamurali P05.05.2022Line FollowerEdisom 2022II Prize
10.Sanjay S


05.05.2022Line FollowerEdisom 2022II Prize
11.Meeradevi M31.05.2022Techno TalkNational Technical Symposium Electrico-2K22II Prize
12.Krishnapriya KP31.05.2022Circuit DebugNational Technical Symposium Electrico-2K22II Prize
13.Nandhini K31.05.2022Project presentationNational Technical Symposium Electrico-2k22III Prize
14.Aneesh S31.05.2022Paper PresentationNational Technical Symposium Electrico-2k22III Prize
15.Senthil S S05.05.2022-
Edison 2022Break-PassIII Prize
16.Raveen Santhosh Kumaresan30.04.2022Ideathon’22Consolation Prize
17.Anandkumar S30.04.2022Ideathon’22 Consolation Prize
Other Events
1.Nandhikesh C S26.04.2022Videography 

I Prize
2.Shyaamnath S  27.05.2022SangeetmelaI Prize
3.Rohiith E V






II Prize
4.Abner Philip26.04.2022  Speech EnglishII Prize


1.Jamalsha K18.06.2020Quiz 2k20RoboticsOutstanding
2.Arjun K18.06.2020Quiz 2k20RoboticsOutstanding
3.Vignesh G18.06.2020Quiz 2k20RoboticsOutstanding
4.Harrish D18.06.2020Quiz 2k20RoboticsOutstanding
5.Niketh S18.06.2020Quiz 2k20RoboticsOutstanding
6.Yuvaraj S18.06.2020Quiz 2k20RoboticsOutstanding