K.S.Rangasamy College of Technology (Autonomous)

Approved by AICTE, New Delhi & Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai

Accredited by NAAC & Courses Accredited by NBA with Tier-I Category DST – FIST

& DBT STAR Sponsored College, Included under Section 2(f) & 2(b) by UGC

Major / Minor Projects (B.E.Mechatronics)

Major / Minor Projects

S.NoName of the StudentTitle of the ContestProject/ Paper





Mukeshkanna K

Saran P

Mohammed Halith S

Veeraragavan M

IEEE YESIST12Floor Step Energy GenerationWon First Prize


2.Mukeshkanna K

Saran P

Mohammed Halith S

Veeraragavan M

TAB Ideathon – TAB Climate Change ProgramFloor Step Energy GenerationWon First Prize


3.Mukesh Kanna K

Veera Raghavan M

Gobinath R


Project ExpoAutomatic Wire Cutting and Stripping MachineWon First Prize





S.No.Name of the StudentTitle of the ContestProject TitleFund Received (in Rs)Year
1Geenath Kumar G

Karthikeyan B

Naveen Kumar C

Vignesh K

TNSCSTDevelopment of IoT Based Electric Vehicle Battery7,500/-2021-22

Innovative Projects

1.)Title of the Project/ Product: In Touch Power Generated Tiles and MAT

Student(s): Mukesh Kanna K, Veera Raghavan M, Mohan kumar K. Tanish A, Saran P

Mentor: Mr.S.Hari Prasadh, AP/MCT

Project/ Product Details:The goal of this product is to harness the wasted power from footsteps using sensors and the output power is stored in a battery. The product significantly use on Roads, Parks, Auditorium, Pathway Platforms and public space where energy from footsteps can be harnessed and transformed into harvested power.

2.)Title of the Project/ Product: Smart Agriculture Drone

Student(s):  Ananth & Raveen Santhosh Kumaresan

Mentor: Mr.S.Hari Prasadh

Project/ Product Details:The objective is to construct a drone that is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), which will be used for pesticide spraying in agriculture. Agriculture is a huge sector in India today, it is having lots of problems due to the non-use of modern technology. Besides chemical contact with pesticides, there is also a threat of insects and animals. Drones can be used to spray pesticides and protect crops. It is possible to do this by operating it from a safer distance.

Prizes won in Project Contest held in the College

S.No.Academic YearName of the       StudentProject TitlesProject GuideSDG’SImpact

 (Prize Won)

1.CAY m1


Jeenath Kumar G

Naveen Kumar C Karthikeyan.B

Vignesh K

Development of IoT based electric vehicle battery efficiency monitoring system.Dr. Sasikumar M07,08,12,13I

Intra college

2.Aravind. S

Prabakaran S K

Chanduru V M

Kavin A

Development of IoT device for shared EVehicleMr. Vivek R07,08,11,



Intra college

3.Sachin Kumar M Sathishkumar. S

Kesavan S

Raja B

Design and development of water pollution monitoring RC boatDr. Sathish S06,14III

Intra college

1.CAYm2 (2020-21)Akash V

Dhinesan S

Gopi krishna M

Kavichitra S

Insect Repellent System For Agriculture Using Drone.Dr. Rajasekaran T09,11,15I

Intra college

2.Sanjeevi V P

Sudharson Vishwa N

Nawaj Ahamed J

Rajarunnivas G

Robot Interactive

Response System

for Covid-19 using IoT

Dr. Vijayakumar C03II

Intra college

Sudhaman J
Rajasegar R G
Vijayakumar V
Surya Prakash M
UAV With the concept of vertical take-off and landing for reconnaissanceMr. Tamilvannan S08,09III

Intra college

1.CAYm3 (2019-20)Manojkumar M

Sivakumar V

Vigneshwaran S

IoT based hybrid power generation using solar and wind energyDr. Sasikumar M07,08,09,



Intra college

2.Prakash Kumar R

Sivaramakrishnan A

Srivignesh A

Home automation Using internet and Manual controlDr. Baskaran M08II

Intra college

3.Saranya M

Thulsidharan R

Development of Advanced Nano Composite Coatings on En8 SteelDr. Tiruvenkadam N09III

Intra college