KSRCT offers a well-rounded education with experienced faculty, modern facilities, and industry connections. It fosters intellectual curiosity, practical experience, and research. Extracurricular activities and support services promote student success beyond academics, preparing them for the ever-changing world..

Admission Procedure

Students are admitted into various B.E./B.Tech. Degree Programmes as per the norms of the Government of Tamil Nadu Engineering Admissions (TNEA).
Government Quota: 65% of the Sanctioned Strength
Management Quota: 35% of the Sanctioned Strength

Prioritizing KSRCT

At KSRCT, students are provided with a comprehensive learning experience that encompasses not only quality education but also a range of supplementary opportunities for growth and development. With experienced faculty members at the helm, students benefit from the guidance and expertise of seasoned professionals who are committed to nurturing their intellectual curiosity and academic pursuits. The college's state-of-the-art facilities further enhance the learning environment, providing students with access to modern laboratories, libraries, and technology-equipped classrooms. Moreover, KSRCT's strong industry partnerships open doors to invaluable internships, industry exposure, and collaboration opportunities, allowing students to gain practical insights and real-world experience. Emphasizing a culture of research and innovation, the college encourages students and faculty alike to explore new ideas, tackle complex challenges, and contribute to cutting-edge advancements in their respective fields. In addition to academics, KSRCT prioritizes extracurricular activities, fostering a well-rounded development through sports, cultural events, clubs, and societies. The college's robust placement opportunities ensure that students are well-prepared for their professional journeys, with a dedicated placement cell facilitating internships and job placements in reputed companies. Complementing these offerings are student support services that cater to the holistic well-being and success of students, providing counselling, career guidance, scholarships, and financial aid as needed. At KSRCT, the focus extends beyond academics to empower students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Qualifying Examinations and Eligibility

A pass in the HSC (Academic) or its equivalent with a minimum average percentage in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry put together as given below.

S.No Community A Pass with Minimum average marks in Mathematics,
Physics, and Chemistry put together
1. General Category 50.00%
2. Backward Class 45.00%
3. MBC & DNC 40.00%
4. SC / ST 40.00%

A pass in any one of the HSC (Vocational Subject) with any one of the Engineering related subjects namely its Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry with a minimum average percentage put together 50%, 45%, 40%, 40% for OC /BC, MBC, DNC, SC/ST

Allocation of Seats

Reservation of seats for various categories as per the norms of Government of Tamil Nadu is given in the table below.

Rule of Reservation
Open Category 31.00%
Backward Class 30.00%
Most Backward Class & De-notified Communities 20.00%
Scheduled Caste 18.00%
Scheduled Tribes 1.00%
TOTAL 100.00%

M.E. / M.Tech. : 50% of aggregate marks in relevant branches of UG are eligible for admission.
Government Quota: 35% of the Sanctioned Strength
Management Quota: 65% of the Sanctioned Strength
MBA: 50% for OC and 45% for OBC of aggregate marks in any UG program (10+2+3 or 10+2+4) are eligible for admission.
Government Quota: 50% of the Sanctioned Strength
Management Quota: 50% of the Sanctioned Strength


S.No Particular Youtube Link
1 Student Testimony https://youtu.be/6x_z5oy_GjM?si=Q9Sck5iObpqCp44I
2 Student Testimony https://youtu.be/V2yObXNIaPU?si=nSQYEh2hEeqQXBjr
3 Alumni Testimony https://youtu.be/iSHexnomEDQ?si=1gJMTEtYQZ-zW1of
4 Alumni Testimony https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kg3RfTOGs9o

UG Programmes Offered

S.No Degree Branch Year of Introduction Intake
1 B.E(MECH) Mechanical Engineering 1994 60
2 B.E(EEE) Electrical and Electronics Engineering 1994 60
3 B.E(ECE) Electronics and Communication Engineering 1994 120
4 B.E(CSE) Computer Science and Engineering 1994 120
5 B.Tech(TXT) Textile Technology 1997 60
6 B.Tech(IT) Information Technology 1998 120
7 B.E(MCT) Mechatronics Engineering 2001 60
8 B.E(CIVIL) Civil Engineering 2002 30
9 B.Tech(BT) Biotechnology 2002 60
10 B.Tech(FT) Food Technology 2016 60
11 B.Tech(AIDS) Artificial Intelligence and Data Science 2020 60
12 B.Tech(CSBS) Computer Science and Business Systems 2020 60
13 B.E(CSE-AIML) Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 2022 60
14 B.E(EE-VLSI) VLSI Design and Technology 2023 60

PG Programmes Offered

S.No Degree Branch Year of Introduction Intake
1 M.E(CSE) Computer Science and Engineering 2002 6
2 M.E(VLSI) VLSI Design 2005 6
3 M.E(ISE) Industry Safety Engineering 2007 18
4 M.Tech(NST) Nano Science and Technology 2008 6
5 M.E(PSE) Power Systems Engineering 2010 6
6 M.E(SE) Structural Engineering 2011 6
7 M.Tech(BT) Biotechnology 2012 18
8 M.Tech(DS) Data Science 2022 6
9 M.Tech(FT) Food Technology 2022 6
10 M.Tech(TT) Textile Technology 2022 6


S.No Name of the Branch Year of Introduction Intake
1 M.B.A 1994 60

Scholarships Available

  • Single Parent (No Father or No Mother)
  • Orphan Student (No Father and No Mother)
  • Srimathi, Rajammal Rangasamy Scholarship for Female Students
  • Dr.K.S.Rangasamy Grant KSR Employees
  • Sri Saradambal Grant
  • Mother Teresa Grant
  • Dr. APJ Grant
  • KSR Merit Scholarship Test
  • Maatram Foundation
  • Ratan Tata Grant
  • Neeraj Chopra Scholarship
  • Management Scholarship
  • Alumni Ward & Alumni Siblings
  • Meritorious Students
  • Stakeholders Ward - Industry Partners
  • Sports
  • Cut-off Based Scholarship

How to Apply?

Review the eligibility criteria for the scholarship that matches your qualifications, prepare the required documents, and submit your application along with the necessary paperwork. The scholarship selection committee will then evaluate your application for final consideration

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